Being Known

Being Known

The reason we get angry with God when things don’t go the way we want is because we think we know what’s good for us. Jeremiah 1:5 says Before He formed us in our mother’s womb, He knew us and had holy plans for us.. Often times when we say ‘God knows best’ we don’t really mean it, we say it to make ourselves feel better, as a sort of consolation for that disappointment.

I challenge us to start saying that phrase with real meaning. We need to believe that God hears what we ask for, He knows what we want, BUT more importantly, He knows what’s best for us. So when you pray and fast and that breakthrough seems to be taking ages, please remember that “BEFORE HE FORMED US IN OUR MOTHER’S WOMBS HE KNEW US”!

We are to trust our heavenly Father like a baby trusts their parent. He loves us too much to give us anything but the best. Please don’t give up, continue to pray, continue to seek, knock and ask but just remember that it’s all about JESUS and the will of the our father.

Love Like No Other

Love Like No Other

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My life and relationship with God totally changed when I got the revelation that God’s love for me is not ATALL what I thought it was. I thought because God loves me He will grant every desire of my heart. He will make all my wishes come true, regardless of what they are. The loss of my baby made me realise that God doesn’t work that way.

The love of God is something that I don’t think many of us have fully grasped yet. The Bible says He IS love and He loves us so much that He became flesh so that He could feel our infirmities and our pain. (Hebrews 4:15). He became sin who knew no sin (2 Corinthians 5:21) just because of His love for us.

I said not many quite understand how much God loves us and wants us because we often treat Him like a magician. We go on our knees and pray to Him usually when we want something. We pray, cry and scream because we think the louder we are the more He will hear us.

The Bible says He will give us what we ask, when we ask ‘ACCORDING TO HIS WILL’ (1 John 5:14). He doesn’t say when He will give it to us or even How, it simply says He will. When we really want something and we’re praying God’s words back to Him, we usually fail to remember these sour parts of His word. We want what we want and we want it right now. We pray and yell and wonder why He doesn’t seem to be answering? It’s because we do not pray according to His will. 

God’s will is perfect. He created us and knows us better than we know ourselves. His word says “Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you: A prophet to the nations— that’s what I had in mind for you.”(Jeremiah 1:5 MSG). I sincerely believe that God says no to us more than He says yes because we keep asking for what we think we need. 

It is time we start asking for things according to the WILL OF GOD. His will is for us to prosper and He knows the perfect way for us to do that. We pray, bind and cast for things that He knows will not bring the breakthrough we need and so He says no. We think He’s being mean so we stop praying and go off on our own thinking we know better. God will not violate our will so He allows us to go, even if we’re going the wrong way. However, because of how much He loves us, when we see the error of our ways and return, He is faithful and will receive us back with open arms. 

From this day forward, let us remember Jeremiah 1:5, that God knows us and really does know what’s best for us. On our own, we are literally like babies who do not know their left from their right, but thank God for Jesus. When we pray, let’s do it like Jesus did on the cross, “not OUR will but GOD’S will be done”. No matter what His will looks like, we need to trust Him and remember that His ways are not our ways and neither are His thoughts our thoughts. If the answer to what you ask from your heavenly Father is no, trust that His Yes is way better than anything you could ever imagine – (Ephesians 3:20)

Grief…An opportunity

Grief…An opportunity

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“Baby is very sick, we need to transport him to a more specialist unit”. It was 5:00am and less than 24hrs later, I was saying goodbye to my baby. Just over 2 weeks later, it was the day of the burial. “Would you like to hold him?” asked the funeral director. He was referring to the the coffin. It was no bigger than a shoe box. The inscription on it read “His name – 5 days”. I couldn’t see the path in front of me through the tears welling up in my eyes.

As we walked down the path to the small table covered with a blanket by the grave where I was to put the coffin, I just couldn’t believe this was happening. I felt sick, disembodied. As if I was hovering over and watching it all unfold. Like it was happening to someone else. He’s always on my mind. Always in my thoughts. I look at his brother and I wonder if he would have looked like him? Would he have been as fair as him? Would he have had his father’s eyes? My lips and nose? Seems like he would have had a lot of hair.

We often try to find reasons why God allows bad things to happen to us. This gives us a reason to continue calling Him Abba Father, because it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to reconcile a loving God with a God who allows us to go through pain and suffering. He is almighty, He knows everything, He knows how that loss will break you, but He allows it to happen anyway.

We say maybe if my baby had lived he would have suffered or that sickness is probably to teach me a lesson, or that you were probably not qualified for that job. What if none of that is true. What if my baby would have been perfectly healthy if he had lived or you were in fact perfectly qualified for that job but you still didn’t get it?

The lack of understanding of the WHY is what eats away at us, so we would rather not think about that. I believe that is exactly where God wants us to be. He wants us to deal with that question. In those difficult situations we are presented with an opportunity, with a choice. We can:

  • 1. Choose to trust Him, knowing that He is God and He really does know best, accept that we don’t need to understand His ways and ask Him to strengthen us
  • 2. Find reasons for why that bad or tragic thing happened that doesn’t include God allowing it because.. how can He? He loves us too much right?
  • 3. Get angry and bitter with God because He is not the God you signed up for. He is Almighty, He’s supposed to make your life rosy and completely problem free.

The ability to trust God and accept His NO just like we accept His YES is a supernatural one. It is not automatic. It’s an ability that only God Himself bestows. The natural instinct is to be angry or completely stop ourselves from feeling anything. Our relationship with our heavenly father is taken to a whole new level when we rest in Him and allow Him to strengthen us and enable us to trust Him in the midst of our pain.

It is what differentiates us from the rest of the world. It makes our relationship with God less about what He can do for us and teaches us to love Him simply because He is God and He first loved us. That is when it becomes a true Love relationship.

I Took The Step

I Took The Step

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Hello and welcome!

Thanks for taking the time to visit.

I have wanted to start a blog for a long time, a very long time but for some reason I was not able to build up the courage to do it. I don’t know what was stopping me. It was eating at me every single day. I go online and I read some of the nonsense on the internet and I think surely mine cannot be worst.

I am one of those people who write and journal all the time. I’m always typing away in the notepad on my phone or writing in my notebook. Whenever I’m inspired, I write. I write them down with the intention of publishing them one day when I start my blog but I never would. I don’t know how many pearls of wisdom I have lost over the years through lost notes and broken phones. Well…this is THAT day!

This year I decided to resist the urge to make another futile and lacklustre attempt at weight-loss. I’ve decided to do something different.

The aim of this blog is to inform, enlighten and empower. I do not claim to know everything or even a lot. What I know is that I am inspired by the Holy Spirit and encouraged to write down things He puts in my heart, backed up by the word of God and research. I hope that this blog teaches you, inspires you and helps you to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ, the access to the source of our existence.